Expert Warns that 578 Million People Might Become Diabetic By 2030


Dr Murtala Umar, a senior consultant and eye expert from the National Eye Centre, has warned that approximately 578 million people worldwide might become diabetic by the year 2030 if immediate measures are not taken to control the rising rate of diabetic patients.

During a presentation titled: “Diabetes and the Eye” at a media health day organised by the Catholic Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (CAMPAN) in Kaduna, Dr. Umar said thata diabetic patient could eventually become blind if they are not treated properly at the early stages of discovery. He said that although the body cannot function effectively without sugar, poorly controlled sugar levels could affect several organs of the human body. When it affects the eye, it could result in blindness.

The expert said the current statistics which varies has it that 463 million adults are at present diabetic, adding that, ” it has the tendency of increasing to 578 million globally by 2030 if unchecked.

“Consistent high sugar level damages blood vessels and other organs, such as the kidney, heart, eye, liver, and brain but the eye shows quick damage which is a window to the brain. Retina can be affected by diabetes which could lead to blindness. Poorly controlled diabetes led to cataract and other eye challenges. Watery eyes and discharges could be as a result of diabetes complications.”

Dr. Umar further disclosed that millions of deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year, adding that both the number of cases and the prevalence of diabetes have been steadily increasing over the past few decades.

As part of measures to curb the increasing rate of diabetes amongst people, he advocated regular creation of awareness, sensitisation on effective working of the pancreas, consumption of more of vegetables, chicken and fish and avoidance of excessive consumption of sugar or food with too much of sugar content.

The highlights of the event were medical counselling and minor services given to participants by National Eye Centre, Kaduna, Saint Gerard Catholic Hospital, National Blood Transfusion Centre among others.