Faisal Shuaib Doses
Dr. Faisal Shuaib, the f Ex-Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency

WHO Commends Ex-NPHCDA Director’s Exemplary Leadership 

The World Health Organisation, WHO, Country Representative to Nigeria, Dr. Walter Mulombo, has commended the former Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Authority, NPHCDA, Dr. Faisal Shuaib for the crucial roles he played in leading Nigeria during the challenging times of the wild poliovirus and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking during a valedictory session held in his honour by the Forum of CEOs of State Primary Healthcare Development Agencies/Boards, he acknowledged his invaluable contributions to the nation’s healthcare sector.

Mulombo said that Shuaib’s significant role during the Ebola outbreak and his leadership in achieving polio-free status for Nigeria was recognised by the WHO as vital milestones.

He said that his contributions were significant in the efforts to combat the health crises, adding that Shuaib was leaving behind strong institutions, making it easier for the next leader.

“We’ll follow your path and support your success. Every Nigerian must have a mission, and you’ll discover your next one, sharing your expertise with the world. You’re a great example of courage and purpose. Thanks for your collaboration and contribution to Nigeria and WHO,” he said.

Also speaking, the Chief of Health at the United Nations Children’s Fund, Nigeria, Dr. Eduardo Celades, said true leadership was not just about making changes but about connecting the past with the future and driving unwarranted changes successfully.

He said the ex-NPHCDA director has been at the forefront of transforming Nigeria’s healthcare, from polio eradication to the revitalisation of primary healthcare.

“This vision has led to changes such as transitioning from stand-alone campaigns to integrated ones, introducing HPV vaccine, addressing rotavirus, implementing the PHC under one roof programme, and making a real impact on the lives of the people of Nigeria, especially women and children,” he said.

He described Shuaib as a brilliant individual, noting that it has been a true pleasure and an honour to be a part of his journey.

The co-founder of the Association for Reproductive and Family Health, Professor Oladapo Ladipo, said Shuaib has demonstrated great capabilities in the science of healthcare in the country.

He pointed out the ex-NPHCDA director developed and trained health care workers that have benefited across the country.

According to him, Shuaib has done well with financial resources, and has effectively and efficiently utilized the available resources.

The new executive director of the NPHCDA, Dr. Muyi Aina, has assumed duties at the agency.