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Gardasil 9 - the vaccine that is used to protect against nine types of HPV including the ones that cause approximately 90% of cervical cancer cases.

EverCare: Cervical Cancer Can Be Prevented With Vaccines

According to the EverCare Hospital, Lagos, vaccines can help in preventing the preclinical stage of cervical cancer.

In a statement made by the hospital, it was explained that approximately 8,000 women die annually in Nigeria from cervical cancer, adding that in the United Kingdom, cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer in women but because of the introduction of vaccination and screening programmes, only 850 women die yearly.

Dr. Olasupo Orimogunje, an Obstetrician And Gynaecologist at EverCare Hospital, clarifies that “We can even go on by preventing the preclinical stage from developing by giving vaccines. It took so much for researchers to get things to this stage, but it is taking quite an inordinate amount of time for this eponymous life-changing research to permeate communities, especially in low-income countries like Nigeria. This cancer is still a big killer in countries like Nigeria, second only to breast cancer.”


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Dr. Orimogunje stated that it was saddening that cervical cancer, which was so easily preventable, kills thousands of women in Nigeria every year.

‘‘This unique cancer not only has a vaccine that can prevent it but also has a treatable precursor stage which can last several years providing the opportunity for treatment before cancer develops. No government in Nigeria has made any serious effort in taking steps towards preventing this most preventable cancer, Nigerians need to take charge of their health and stop the disease in its tracks.

‘‘It currently costs approximately N40,000 to N50,000 spread over 6 months to get fully vaccinated. This is a small amount when we compare the cost of having to treat cancer or losing a woman in the prime of their life.’’

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