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FG to Establish Unified National Blood Database

In a significant step towards improving the country’s blood banking system, the Federal Government of Nigeria has initiated efforts to establish a unified National Blood Database.

This move was announced by Professor Saleh Yuguda, Director General of the National Blood Service Commission, during a collaborative meeting with a team from the African Medical Center for Excellence in Abuja.

The African Medical Center for Excellence, a private specialist hospital currently under construction in Nigeria, is set to specialise in Oncology, Cardiovascular health, and Hematology.

The hospital’s team, led by Mr. Brian Deaver, is seeking to collaborate with the National Blood Service Commission to identify areas of beneficial partnership. The hospital, which will be the first of four planned hospitals in Africa, aims to establish a Cyclotron facility capable of providing radioisotopes.

Professor Yuguda emphasised the need for research programs that target blood service and hematology, and pledged a robust commitment to the African Medical Center of Excellence. The harmonisation of the national blood database is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of blood banking services in Nigeria, ensuring a safer and more reliable supply of blood for patients in need.

This development is a significant step forward for Nigeria’s healthcare system, and highlights the government’s commitment to improving the quality of care for its citizens. The collaboration between the National Blood Service Commission and the African Medical Center for Excellence is expected to yield fruitful results, driving progress in the fields of blood service and hematology.