Dr Oluwafemi Akinpoleye
Doctors Urge Restrictions on Hospital Visits to Curb Cholera Spread

Doctors Urge Restrictions on Hospital Visits to Curb Cholera Spread

As cholera continues to spread across Nigeria, public health physicians are emphasizing the need to limit hospital visits from families and friends to prevent further transmission. With over 40 deaths and 30 states affected, the experts stress that reducing human contact is crucial in controlling the outbreak.

According to Dr. Abdullahi Namadi, a public health specialist, most cholera cases are now spread through person-to-person transmission, rather than contaminated food and water. He advises against relatives acting as caregivers, as this can lead to further infection.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) has reported over 1,141 suspected and 65 confirmed cases of cholera, resulting in at least 37 deaths. The agency warns against self-medication and emphasizes the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation.

Infectious disease experts, like Dr. Oluwafemi Akinpeloye, recommend that only healthcare workers should manage cholera patients, as the disease can spread easily through human contact. They also urge the government to provide potable water and promote proper hygiene practices, especially in rural communities.

By restricting hospital visits and following proper hygiene measures, Nigeria can curb the spread of cholera and prevent further deaths.