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Eating too many eggs can cause severe harm to the body. 

Dietician Advises Against High Egg Consumption

Olusola Falomo, a nutritionist and dietician, is advising Nigerians against eating too many eggs as it may increase the risk of brain cancer and hypertension. The expert explained that eggs are the main source of dietary cholesterol and must be consumed moderately.

The nutritionist who is an assistant Chief Dietitian at Ajeromi General Hospital, Ajegunle, said one egg per day is recommended for children from six months to five years, stressing that people who are older and overweight should not eat more than three eggs in a week.

According to Falomo, individuals with a BMI of 25 and above should be cautious and embrace other protein alternatives.

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He also noted that when the elevation of cholesterol is not controlled, people can be predisposed to hypercholesterolemia and some other forms of cardiovascular diseases.

He said, “The standard recommendation is 3 eggs per week, our concern about excessive intake of eggs in Africa and indeed Nigeria is the elevation of cholesterol particularly the unhealthy one (LDL)lower density Lipoprotein. When uncontrolled, you can predispose to hypercholesterolemia, some other forms of cardiovascular diseases, aside from high blood pressure.

“Eggs are also the main source of dietary cholesterol: a medium-sized egg of 58 g contains 200 mg cholesterol. However, egg consumption may also be associated with some health problems, such as brain cancer and hypertension.”

A study that was published by the National Library of Medicine revealed that high egg consumption was harmful and causes health issues, including hypertension, stroke, and most likely, a high risk of breast cancer.