Cognito Micronutrient Powder Is Granted A MANCAP Certification By SON

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has rewarded the Cognito Micronutrient Powder the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Certification (MANCAP) for fighting infant malnutrition.

The quality of Cognito micronutrient powder received its confirmation from SON when it gave the award of the MANCAP certification to the Cognito brand.

Micronutrient Laboratories Limited formulates said in a signed statement that the design and marketing of the Cognito micronutrient powder was for the use of enriching and enhancing the nutritional value of food as a tool to fight diseases caused by micronutrient deficiencies, especially in children under five years.

“SON granted the MANCAP certification after a thorough factory inspection and laboratory analysis of product samples had passed the NIS standards NIS 1059:2019 for micronutrient powders.”

Tersoo Orngudwen, the Director of Product Certification Department, signed a notice for SON’s director-general displaying the approval to Dr. Kenny Acholonu, the chief innovation officer of Micronutrient Laboratories Limited.

“Cognito MNP is a product of Micronutrient Laboratories Ltd. and it is designed to prevent malnutrition and also maintain the nutritional status of infants and young children in Nigeria. Cognito MNP is a well-formulated single-serve blend of 15 essential micronutrients (10 vitamins and five minerals). It is a free-flowing powder that is conveniently packed in one gram  affordable sachets to improve the nutritional content of most staple foods. Users add Cognito to any semi-solid foods and porridge after cooking and at a temperature conducive to feeding the child. A sachet of Cognito MNP is sufficient to provide 100 per cent recommended nutrient intake (RNI) for infants and young children within the age range of six months to 59 months.

NAFDAC-registered Cognito MNP was launched in June 2020 and has gained prominence as it witnessed rapid growth on the back of acceptance by institutional buyers, including the Federal Ministry of Health and other MDAs at federal and state government levels as well as other notable health and nutrition-focused organisations, including the World Bank. Most complementary staples for children six months to 59 months (six months to five years) have little to no nutritional value and do not provide adequate micronutrients to meet their recommended nutrient intake (RNI). Users add Cognito MNP to complementary food for children after the first six months of exclusive breastfeeding. The enriching and enhancement of food at home using micronutrient powder is one of the intervention strategies adopted by the Federal Government in the fight against micronutrient deficiencies.”