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Cholera: Adamawa Declares An End To The Outbreak After 55 Deaths


Despite intensified surveillance for weeks, the Adamawa State government has declared an end to the Cholera outbreak that plagued the state.

As of Thursday, the outbreak, which had targeted about 2000 people and resulted in 55 deaths, has been declared to be over.

While speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Professor Isa Abdullahi, the state Commissioner for Health, mentioned that the government had recalled that the Cholera outbreak was officially declared in the July of 2021 and that in the following months, there had been a total of 1,959 suspected cholera cases.

During a meeting in Yola where the end of the cholera outbreak was announced, the health commissioner said that, “Since we have not recorded any case despite heightened surveillance for cholera for several weeks, we (government and partners) are happy to declare the cholera outbreak over. Since the beginning of the outbreak (in July 2021), a total of 1,959 suspected cases with 55 deaths were recorded.”

However, the Commissioner had warned that the declaration of the end of cholera was not a suggestion for a time to relax.

“It is a window of opportunity to heighten our preparedness against cholera and other vaccines preventable diseases.”

He had expressed his gratitude to the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as well as other partners that had collaborated with the state government in managing the cholera outbreak from when it started in July last year till now to keep both the infection and fatality rates as low as it could be.