3 Cases Of Lassa Fever Confirmed By Kogi State Government

The Kogi State Government has confirmed that there are three reported cases of Lassa within the State.

Abu Jibril Okikiri, he Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on health matters, informed that the outbreak had occurred in the Ibaji Local Government Area of the State.

He said the affected individuals were already receiving treatment at the Irua Specialist Teaching Hospital in Edo State. Okikiri noted that the State epidemiological unit, in collaboration with the Kogi State Ministry of Health, has taken a proactive steps to prevent the escalation of the disease within the Local Government Area.

“As of today, cases of Lassa fever recorded in Ibaji LGA that are currently on care at Iruah Specialist Teaching Hospital are just three. However, it is an outbreak because it is a notifiable disease.”


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It is reported that the outbreak had caused panic within the Local Government as there is no functional hospital to take care of the infected patients.

However, in contradiction to the report from the Kogi State Government, a source from the Ibaji Local Government, who wished to remain anonymous, has claimed that over 20 patients are suffering from Lassa fever and are currently taking treatment at Iruah Specialist Teaching Hospital in Edo State.